Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Spring Of Choices, Failures And Hopeful Success

I've been bad.
No posts in a long while. My apologies.
No real sewing to speak of either. Once again, life and other events got in the way.

This needs to change NOW.
Any sewing for Dickens Fair this year, will be put aside. Way aside, and if I even attend Dickens this year, the costuming will be limited to finishing a project for Dickens I already started.
On that note; I regret that due to multiple reasons, I must only *attend* Dickens Fair this year rather than be involved full time. Perhaps this will change depending on how things start to take shape with friends who are involved in making positive changes and new ventures within the fair. I want to help in this mission, but I will likely not be there as a cast member this year.

I need to take care of life, and sew for my own enjoyment first.
Any events that happen to occur where an ensemble I've made this year, or have in my closet that fits the theme already, will likely take precedence.
The only era I truly want to and see myself sewing hard for this year, is the 18th century and more 1930s. There may even be some 18th century events I will at least use as goal dates for those sewing list projects that relate.

AND, to top it all off, I have been given the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Loren Dearborn of
I really need to get my sh*t together now. Currently, I think this blog of mine isn't that inspiring, but thank you so much Loren!
I promise to do the required blog award post asap.

I'm really just rambling at this point, and trying to nail down my thoughts and plans in dealing with this situation.
I want to also let you folks know where I am on this project list of mine, and weather or not I will actually be producing something for you to see, not just read about.
There are amazing things I want to create and show you.
I read about other peoples lists of projects and how they are completing them. All the stunning things they are creating and showing off with gorgeous photos....and I hate it.
I'm still working on Anders' ensemble. I'm about to give up if they don't fit him, and just finish the frock coat instead. I will pay to have someone else make him those confusing and tedious-as-hell 18th century breeches!

I feel stuck beneath layers of other events that seem to suddenly materialize out of nowhere, and get scheduled back to back.
Some are more important than others, and some so important that even at the last minute I decide to drop everything to attend.
If only it were just the work week I had to balance my sewing time with. I never could have realized how nuts the spring season would get until now. Since February we became caught up in these other events, the worst allergy season in recent history for my area, dealing with our dog's sudden flea dilemma that threatened to overtake our entire home (no more trips to the countryside for her, until we can find a damn good repellent), and just now I have recovered from a nasty spring flu that made me want to do nothing but curl up into a ball and die.

Excuses, excuses.
But it's one thing after another it seems, and along with that I don't put my foot down often enough, or hard enough with myself when deciding on how much I can pile onto my plate.
I've even thought about taking a hiatus from burlesque for the rest of the year after May, until I can create new acts and the costumes to go with them.
I've even entertained the thought of quitting burlesque altogether, for various other reasons, but I just can't.
Perhaps after my hiatus, I'll even return under my other stage name, Edel Vice, full time ja?

The possibilities are endless, I just need to grab them and hold on a lot tighter.
And I'll be missing Costume College again this year! Dammit.

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  1. Well there you go, I've awarded you a Very Inspiring Blogger award as well!
    Really enjoy your blog!
    Sandra (A traveller in time)


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