Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mockup Done, Velveteen Cut...

A handsome man in great breeches.

After completing the mockup of the Breeches Of Doom, and a few 'minor' adjustments to those (longer in the crotch, slightly longer in the leg and some extra room at the knee so it will stay buttoned), I was finally ready to cut the pattern out of the real fabric.
Hopefully it work, I mean beating the hell out of it and making it whimper uncle until it behaves.

Final thoughts on this for now;
the J.P. Ryan pattern, regardless of mistakes in the instructions and pieces, is an already frustrating garment to construct. I think it's simply compounded by the messiness and sometimes lack of instruction. This pattern is like running the gauntlet, separating the people who craft from the Goddamned Seamstresses. If you make it through to the end and use common sense as a weapon against the evil of misleading information, you are one victorious Goddamned Seamstress...even if you end up bruised (and quite possibly bleeding) with a less than perfect pair of breeches in the end.

And yes, I'm making these out of a cotton velveteen...I'm crazy...or this is going to get really interesting.


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