Saturday, July 21, 2012

For An Elegant Promenade

Last week I decided (remembered actually) that I had been wanting a tall, elegant walking stick for some of my coming 18th century ensembles. One event in September is a picnic, and an outdoor soiree is a perfect setting for such an accessory.
Some time back, I had stumbled across Smiling Fox Forge, and they have a lovely version for sale.
After placing my order, I received an email from them a few days later with a link to pay via Paypal, which I did at once. Promptly 4 days later, I received my stick. They get 5 stars for wonderful communication and speedy service.

Simple and elegant in design, the stick comes shipped in two peices which you easily screw together in seconds.

The smooth brass knob at the top is gorgeous, and very close to many I have seen in fashion plates of the 1770s and 80s showing ladies strolling along the promenade.
These types of 'staffs' were not usually used to assist in walking, as an elderly person might need, but to add a certain flair to one's progress. Heights varied from waist-high to the tall version, such as this one, that stands at 58 inches.
The foot of the staff is also brass, and overall, I am quite impressed.

They included a couple of pretty ribbons in burgundy and sage to tie at the handle. While I will likely not use these ones in particular, here is a photo with the ribbons attached.
I will either use some of my silk ribbons, or tie a silk cord with small tassels to it instead. Most illustrations I've seen have had the latter.


  1. it looks very much like one my stepdad had for his c18th suit, hi, however, had a knob that unscrewed to reveal a slim flask for brandy

    1. Nice! Nothing wrong with a little nip to keep one's spirits up through the day ;-D


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