Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What is in a name...

So the spiffy new title for this blog still makes me grin.
I decided to change it to something a little more befitting of my vision and general theme here. And I admit, it's a little tongue in cheek ;-)

"The Austrian Woman" was one of the first titles the French people gave the young Marie Antoinette when she arrived in France from Austria to marry Louis, and later become queen. Some meant it as an insult (said in French, it literally translates to "the bitch"), and some meant it as a compliment. Though France and Austria were at odds, the French still had an intense fascination with the Austrians. The Viennese in particular caught their eye; their style, food, music, royalty, and general happy way of life. I'll just say that the croissant is NOT a French pastry.
The name is also a nod to my own roots; being Austrian and German myself, it's a fitting way to pay homage to my heritage.

It may sound narcissistic, but I also wanted it to convey to people more of what I do as art and living history, rather than a seamstress only making things for other people.
I'm not knocking it, commission work is still artwork, and great when you can get a well paying and easy-to-work-with customer.
I do occasional projects for others, Hence the dirndl dresses recently (and there are a few more on the way). I'm so glad and thankful for the many amazing seamstresses out there that regularly take commission work. I am constantly inspired by them.

However, I've come to the conclusion, over the last year especially, that it is not what *I love* to do when it comes to sewing on a regular basis. I do it for the artistic outlet and to live vicariously in another era through clothing.
There is still that dream of running my own deco era clothing line, but I wouldn't want to be the only one sewing :-\ That is going to take a lot of planning, money and time before it ever comes to fruition.
If that dream is ever realized, I'd love to at least outsource much of the sewing here in the USA, not China. One can dream right?

I've just landed myself a new job as well. One that will not only make me a lot less depressed over the behavior of the human race (it's not retail!), but will be making me more money. This means I won't *need* to take commissions as often to supplement my income.
I will have the money and time on weekends to just concentrate on creating couture for myself and Anders...and I'm talking some major 18th century stuff, finally!
My historical wardrobe has huge gaps in it. Mainly from living in Seattle most of my life, until over 3 years ago. Then bam, I'm suddenly in California's bay area; one of the epicenters for historical costumed events, including somewhat regular 18th century themes.
Seattle had zero, and is still lacking.
I have one early 1780s gown, and it needs to be replaced or updated in a bad way. Anders has zero 18th century, and between the two of us, our historical wardrobe is based around the Victorian era and WWII.
This will change soon, and I'm so excited :-)

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