Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Ever Sought After Riding Habit

Ever since I saw the film Dangerous Liaisons, the ensemble worn by the Marquis when she arrives to visit Cecile has always intrigued me. Not that I'm too sure I could pull off that color of goldenrod yellow, but I still want it:

Perhaps if I found a richer shade of gold? Bright yellows tend to make me look green :-(
However Glenn Was able to wear it, and she and I have much the same complexion and hair color. Perhaps it's just that I've never really *tried* looking for a yellow that suits me after being given a horrifically wrong lemon yellow sweater as a child. I never got over that. I looked positively ill when I tried it on to appease my relatives. And it wasn't just the look on my face. My own mother realized this instantly, and as soon as The Aunts left, we took it to the Salvation Army.
Maybe it's time to give the golden and yellow shades a try once more?

It's obviously designed from a classic 18th century riding habit, yet used as a visiting gown in this particular scene. There are various sewing patterns available that nearly mimic the one above, yet I think I've been distracted once more...
if I ever want to make a rather, shall we say, unrealistic riding habit...this would be it. Unrealistic meaning that I wouldn't want to dirty it galloping after foxes on the moor. Sitting for a portrait would be more like it:

Oh gods. The trim, the velvet, *swoon*.
I may even have a pattern for the classic riding habit on the Marquis (from Tailor's Guide), or the one in Janet Arnold's book "Patterns of Fashion 1: 1660-1860", that I can alter to resemble the red one above. I've already got the little black tricorn hat ;-)

Oh, and I'll just put this right here (more picture swoon)...

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  1. Marquise de Merteuil costumes are fantastic - all - love it


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