Monday, August 15, 2011

Rococo-inspired hairdo...

I had to get a photo, and the light at my dressing table was just right ;-)

I used to document and share how-to's more often, but lately if I've taken the time to do a "do", I'm rushing out the door to a performance or evening out. I'm going to try to at least get one snapshot from now on.
My gent tried to get one out in the sunlight, but there was too much glare, so I used my phone to take this one indoors.

We were headed to a showing of my favorite film, Amadeus (director's cut) at a local theater called The Retro Dome. They had a Mozart jam session before the film started, it was great.


  1. How beautiful you look.I wish I could do my hair so nice

  2. Practice, practice!
    I wasn't always able to get it to do
    this...sometimes it's still a challenge ;-)
    The trick is getting the right kind of curlers, and knowing your hair type and how it behaves.

    The above was even a bit of an experiment, heh!

    I'll post some hairstyling tips here soon.

  3. And thank you for the compliment ;-)


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