Friday, April 16, 2010


Today I received the J.P. Ryan patterns in the mail, including one for a Pet-en-l'air that can be lengthened into a Robe a la Francaise.
Although I won't be making this gown right away (opting to focus on a Georgian/1780s wardrobe), I only have a small issue with it...
It has no front waistline seam on the gown, between the dress fronts and skirt. They are cut as one piece, which places this in the 1740s to early 1750s. Too early for my taste in a Robe a la Francaise.
I'd be going for the 1760s to early 70s.
Not a problem though; after looking through the pattern, it looks like I can simply use the front bodice lining piece as a guide to put that break in the two front panels where needed.

Aside from that, I will definitely be making the stomacher narrower and more pointed, similar to some I've seen on original gowns.
Currently the pattern makes up a rather boxy looking stomacher, with a very wide and shallow scoop in front.

Regardless, the first thing I must do is not only make myself a new pair of stays as my foundation for all this, but start on my gent's wardrobe first.

Stay tuned...

***Edited to add: Actually now that I've seen photos of the Winego patterns version of the gown (shown below, made up without that darn waist seam) I'm more apt to just go without it.


  1. Hey, cool! That's my dress :)
    Best of luck on your project! I'm sure it will be fabulous whichever pattern you use!

  2. I thought you might be interested to hear that Burnley and Trowbridge will be doing a few 18th C workshops with teachers from Colonial Williamsburg in the Bay Area. I've really enjoyed their workshops and learned a lot at them.


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