Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hooray for

I was finally able to place an order for some scrumptious cotton velvet the other day for my sweetheart's frockcoat and breeches. yes, I'm starting off with something a bit dressy.

It's a rich burgundy wine shade, and I'm hoping to find a nice silk brocade to use for the waistcoat.
That's the neat thing about waistcoats; even if the fabric you want to use is some $80 per yard silk Lampas brocade, you still only need about 1.5 yards.
I have a seller on Ebay that has some amazing 18th century style silks that I'm currently eyeballing...and a company in Sweden that makes repro 18th century fabrics.
The latter would be ever so appropriate, since my gent is a rather tall Swede himself ;-)

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