Sunday, November 8, 2015

Favorite Things

It's a softly grey and rainy Sunday afternoon and while some might complain, I rather like days such as these. Not just because I'm from Seattle; the rain offers a relaxing break from the dry and dusty California weather we've been plagued with during the drought.
Taking a break from the sewing area duties, I decided to make myself a nice cup of tea paired with a snack of cocoa ladyfinger cookies.
The tea is one of my favorites; Paris, by Harney & Sons. Its a delightfully sweet and heady floral, almost like candy in aroma, with a smooth flavor that doesn't taste 'flavored'.
Another favorite of mine is their Dragon Pearl Jasmine tea. A sucker for lovely packaging, I have a growing collection of H&S tea tins. The loose teas come in a black and gold tins, such as the Paris tea seen in the above photo. Harney & Sons tea sachets come in pretty and colorful tins, often with pastels and gold or copper highlights. They look fabulous stacked together in the tea cabinet, and when emptied, they make nice storage tins for sewing thread, buttons, jewelry, soaps or anything you desire.
Getting my mitts on some sachets of Laduree tea is the next step, but for now H&S will do nicely.

In other news of pretty things; a friend tipped me off to a sparkly Ebay listing. I now have a reproduction on its way to me, of an exquisitely beautiful tiara from the tail end of the Victorian period, around 1900. I'm obsessed with Victorian starburst and moon motifs in fashion and jewelry, and I snatched this one up right away.
The original recently sold via auction at Bonhams for $24,599. It was gold and a tiara/ring/brooch combination that unscrewed into the separate pieces. Even though the above repro is just a solid tiara, I think I like it even more in silver.


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  1. The tiara is definitely smashing! I also think it actually looks better in silver. Congrats for getting it, I can't wait to see what lovely costume you'll pair it up with. Also looking forward to your Crimson Peak gown:-)))


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