Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Great Creative Space Clean-Up Of 2015

The past weekend was full of heavy lifting, pushing and shoving of heavy furniture. We now have a giant new Ikea wardrobe with sliding doors, so my fiance has more space to himself for hanging and storing clothing. Closet space is next to nothing in our house, and this is a huge help...but oh man, even while in pieces before we put it together, it was heavy as hell.

Not so unexpectedly, the Autumn house cleaning is taking longer than I'd hoped. Particularly the sewing area, and while it's nearly ready to begin making back-to-back samples, I've run out of places to put things.
As mentioned above; storage space in any capacity is very limited.
Sure, I could just put extra scraps and fabric in bags and shove them in a corner, but that was the trouble last time; it collects dust and adds to the mess (and allergies).
Each time I need to find something, I create more of a mess always needing to dig for stuff. So, I invested in some see-through storage containers.

Normally I hate the look of plastic bins, avoiding them altogether and opting to store fabrics in actual drawers. But with a lack of available drawer space, I needed another option. It only took two bins to store the remaining usable fabrics, and I also have a large pile to pass along to others that may need it.
All that's left, is to go through the mending pile and possibly give that its own bin as well.

I would love nothing more than to spend my days just swanning about in some the fabrics in my collection.
Photo: Edward Steichen

With all this digging and organizing, I have pleasantly rediscovered some fabrics that I'd forgotten I owned. One of which will make a great mock-up material for the Debut blouse I'm planning for Ritzy Raven. I'll be sure to post a link here if any of the fabrics I want to de-stash end up listed on Etsy.

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