Friday, July 11, 2014

The Frozen Bustier; A Possible Costume Itself?

Chugging along on the Dragon Con projects, here's a mini update from the Frozen front lines on the Elsa under-corset.
I may need to order more corset steel and some smaller lacing grommets for this portion of the project, but it's halfway done!

Sewing the interior casings for all the boning; I'm so glad that part is completed.

The creepy stare of my Elsa doll. She makes sure that I keep sewing.

It's starting to resemble a 1940s or 50s style bathing suit, right out of a Vargas Drawing. It has a very distinct 'pin-up' look to it, and I'm almost tempted to make it something that could double as another costume....hmmm...maybe a pin up style version of a classic superhero? What superheroes do I know of that had/have turquoise as a main color in their costume?
Or, I could do a superhero Elsa! Oh wait...there's that whole time thing I need to finish stuff in. So, it's a "maybe" for Dragon Con (but oh, it would be so cool. I have so many ideas!)

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