Thursday, April 10, 2014

Agfa Foto! I Finally Have My Vintage Camera

For a long time, I've hoped to find a vintage camera, preferably German, that was still in good working condition.
I think I finally found it; an Agfa 'Billy Jgetar' from around 1931 that someone in the UK had in their collection.

I can take this beauty to living history and WWII reenactments (carefully of course), hopefully to get a few historically accurate 'fotos', and learn to develop them myself. Film for these can still be had.
This little lovely even had a roll of film already in it, that had been there for who-knows-how long. The film had only 2 exposures left, so even though the film is likely no longer good, I used those two shots taking photos of my adorable dog, Lucy just for the hell of it.
I wonder if anything on the previous exposures, or my own shots, survived? I'll just have to get it developed to see ;-)

 Still had its original canvas case

Zee film...

Adorable case in fair condition. The tip of the closure strap is ripped off, but someone was kind enough to keep this little bit inside the case. I may attempt to repair it by backing the two pieces together using a small additional bit of leather.

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