Monday, January 7, 2013

The 2 Day Bodice for 12th Night...

So I finished the pink silk bodice to wear with the existing skirts I had of the same magenta faille taffeta.
By 'finished', I mean it's sewn together and wearable. It looks good now, but there are a few adjustments that I want to make before I wear it a second time.
The seams need to be boned, the puff sleeves might get a few tacks to control the puff into a more ruched look, and it's slightly roomy for me.
I still want to put some decorative buttons up the back over the closure, and put hooks and eyes on both the inside of the bodice and skirts to keep it from riding up. Overall, it turned out pretty good for such a last minute project.

Here are a few photos from the 12th Night Ball. I don't want to share too much until I get the wrinkles out, literally, and take some better photos of the whole gown. Regardless, a grand time was had and everyone looked smashing.

At the royals table, watching a reading by Mr. Charles Dickens

...and champagne....lots of champagne

With my love, Anders


  1. You look positively stunning! Our annual Twelfth Night Ball here is this coming Friday night, and it is always an 18thc. ball. I am wearing my new pastel striped silk sacque back gown and we also will have a photo gallery after the event on our website!
    This looks wonderful and you must have had an amazing time!

    1. Thank you! It was a grand time, indeed.
      Looking forward to the photos of your event. I yearn for more 18th century gatherings here in California.
      I must say, your work is stunning!

  2. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! but of course :-)

  3. What a great bodice! Love the line off the shoulder and those delicious puff sleeves :)

    And you look stunning as always, standing next to that tall handsome man of yours ;)

    Miss you, xoxoxo!

    1. Thank you sweetness ;-)
      Miss you too, xoxox!


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