Monday, November 5, 2012

The Versatile Blog Award

I have been so busy these past few weeks that I have sadly neglected my blog here.
Browsing by, I noticed that I had been nominated by Sanna K of Rococo Atelier for the Versatile Blog Award! Thank you, Sanna ;-)
This is all the more reason for me to record my current sewing project(s) here, in the days leading up to Dickens matter how rushed I am. I've felt as though I haven't given you all much to look at lately, so I don't want to disappoint. Still, I am honored that someone would find my blog worthy of such an award.

Accepting this honor means I need to:

1) Thank and link back to the person who nominated me.
2) Paste the award to my blog.
3) Tell 7 things about myself.
4) Nominate 15 other blogs.

So, here are 7 tidbits about me, some rather random:

1) I LOVE marzipan. Not the pasty cake decoration kind, the real crushed almond kind you get usually enrobed in dark chocolate. Even by itself I find myself salivating at the mere mention of it.
One of the things that lead my now fiance and I to our first kiss, was a chocolate covered morsel of this aphrodisiac. Literally since I can remember, my favorite sweet of all time involving this candy of the gods; Mozartkugeln. They are little grenades of love. I can't help it, I'm Viennese (and still have family there).

2) I began sewing at around age 10.
This was mostly for my dolls, but by age 12 I was stitching together full Victorian and 18th century ensembles for myself...or at least what I imagined to be of the era.
I really should dig up the photos, they are hilarious.

3) My first corset was a little white 1890s style 'ribbon corset' from Amazon Drygoods at a cost of $60.
I was 13 or 14.
Granted, I didn't wear it all the time and didn't tightly lace myself in, but I still thank my mother to this day for helping me buy it with my allowance. It was a perfect and early introduction on how historical clothing should fit and what NEEDS to go underneath. Not long after, my grandmother bestowed upon me a late 1880s wire bustle, the small collapsible kind.

4) My grandmother (mentioned above) and grandfather on mom's side, owned and ran an antique shop out of their home. Much of the house was converted into shop space, so the guest room where we would sleep when staying over, was the clothing 'department'. It was filled with everything from 1970s Gunnie Sax dresses, 1950s prom gowns, Victorian dresses, deco era beaded works of art, to stage costumes complete with headdresses. I was allowed to play dress up in some of these, and every Christmas or on my birthday, I would receive a giant box in the mail filled with variations of the above, plus costume jewelry, from the various estate sales my grandparents would attend. Much of it was either very damaged but salvageable for copy or costume making, and some was in near pristine condition. Some of which I have to this day...and have since grown into ;-)

5) I hate working retail. HATE it with a passion. I am so thankful I don't any longer. Hopefully it will stay that way and I can move up in the industry I am currently in. I work for a logistics company that supports Facebook.

6) Though I was born here, I don't really enjoy living in America as much as I am told I should.
It has its merits, don't get me wrong. But after living here and spending a lot of time in Europe as well with family, I belong in Austria or Germany. Not just because I think Vienna is pretty or the food in Munich is better, it's a feeling that runs in my veins 24/7 literally and figuratively. It's embedded in my DNA.

7) A little over 4 years ago, I found the love of my life, Mr. Anders Scott Hudson. I never thought it could happen, but it did. I'm no expert, but I think the trick is to not expect it to. Perhaps we were just lucky, but I think the Norse gods must have had a hand in it...even just a little.

I shall nominate the following blogs:
my apologies if anyone has already been nominated...

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  1. Thank you very much! I actually did receive the award before, but it still means a lot to me that you thought to give it to me, and to put me in such august company.

  2. I understand about the living in a country that you like to leave, I am the same with Australia at the moment. I am Swiss and grew up in Switzerland, we moved in my teen years and it is beautiful here in Australia but I miss my winter and general European feel around me. With any hope I can find a job there and move with my fiance :)
    I hope you can do the same one day :)


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