Saturday, July 28, 2012

'Valkyrie' Photos

Photo by RJ Johnson

As per my last burlesque costuming posts, here are more photos of the act in motion; my tribute to Loie Fuller.

"Loie Fuller (born Mary Louise Fuller in 1862) was one of the most innovative dance artists of the twentieth century. Her work influenced not only future artists in modern dance, such as Isadora Duncan and Martha Graham, but also a whole range of poets, painters, sculptors, and intellectuals. She brought both revolutionary dance forms and technical innovations in costume and lighting to American, Caribbean, London, and Paris stages." - The Modernism Lab

I, however; put a little personal twist on mine, adding a bit of Scandinavian lore in the form of crystallized deer antlers and the coloring of the costume itself. The theme is The Valkyrie.

Photos by Johnny Crash

Photo by RJ Johnson


  1. You are a true artist, Vienna!! And we have to see you perform this number!!


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