Thursday, February 16, 2012


Oh Look, the perfect fabri-HOLY CRAP THAT COSTS HOW MUCH?!

Ok kiddos, I know that silks aren't (usually) that affordable compared to other options in the historical sewing realm. But $64 per yard for a plain-weave solid taffeta is just well, brutal.

The color, or at least how it shows up on my monitor, is perfect(!) for the green/blue-ish Madame Pompadour gown.

Either I start saving my pennies now and hopefully by next year, I'll have enough to buy at least 10 yards, lol! Or, I loom around my local fabric liquidators until something similar shows up for $15 per yard...which could take about as long.
Or I keep searching.

Anyway, I have a funny feeling I'll be finding this fabric soon for a better price. My sewing spidey sense tells me so, and I've learned to trust it.

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