Monday, October 31, 2011

Let's not get ahead of ourselves...Stays suggestions?

So before I attempt any of the projects I desire to after the holidays, I'm going to need a new pair of stays.
The ones I currently have were a hurriedly-made pair I made for a photo shoot, and while they aren't bad, they are a bit early for the 1780s silhouette I want. I long for the low rounded front, curvier seams and the narrower, nipped in waistline of the late 1700s.

I have books, a few patterns, books *With* patterns, but I want to know what the best one out there is, as far as shape and such.
I know I'll have to futz with a pattern to get it to my size, let alone to get the right shape while keeping historical accuracy intact (mostly).
I've made my fair share of corsets, so I'm no stranger to how they go together and what goes into them.

So readers and fellow seamstresses, what have been your favorites to work with and what would you recommend?

While I would prefer a smooth, closed front with the inner horizontal bones such as the image above, I absolutely adore this pair of stays, made by the talented Lauren of American Duchess.

In the end, I may try my hand at sizing this pattern up and seeing what transpires :-)

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