Friday, August 5, 2011

A New Look....

Ok, so this is it for now. I took a photo of some striped silk waiting to be made into a gown *sigh*.
I'll fiddle with the layout/header image more later...but I do like it so far.
****Edited to add***
I may also start posting about sewing projects other than the Rococo-related stuff here.
I do a lot of Deco era sewing (1930s-40s) but don't document it much.
It's also what I have time for currently, and the 18th century sewing is more time least for what I want to do.
So, if you should spy a random post about a 1937 summer dress, don't worry. We'll be sewing rococo soon enough ;-)
...Of course, I can always mix rococo style with deco too...hmmm, inspiration FTW!


  1. I just tried this recently on a design project, it's even harder then it sounds.

  2. I can see how it might be tough to combine the two eras if you try to approach them both to literally.
    I have a dozen design ideas in my head already, that don't rely too heavily on elements of fit but more on general theme...if that makes sense.

  3. Sorry, that should be spelled, "too literally".
    This is what happens when I get no sleep.


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