Thursday, August 4, 2011

For the gents....

Since the next couple of posts here will likely be about sewing the frock coat and breeches for my gent, I'll also be posting info and resources on men's fashion and haberdashery. Including wigs :-)

Fortunately for we historically appropriate types, and the men who are willing, Lacy Wigs has finally released a pretty decent men's 18th century wig.
Like mine in this post, it comes in a "Discount" version...which actually ends up looking better and more realistic than their more expensive "Deluxe" versions.

This one also comes in the same natural hair colors as mine, not just in the overly costumey and synthetic looking white ("White" wigs in the 18th century were a light blonde powdered to a lighter almost white shade).

Here's the link! The wig pictured is their more expensive version, hence the shinier texture of the hair, but the colors are the same:

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