Monday, August 22, 2011

Deco Darling...

So as I had mentioned in a previous post, some projects here may be of other eras besides the 18th century. This includes my other obsession; the 1930s.

I just finished this dress from a 1938 sewing pattern, using a reproduction 1930s cotton print. The black belt is actually one from the 30s, borrowed from one of my vintage dresses.

I gave the front collar and "sleeves" a facing of black cotton sateen, as well as the front kick pleat (a bit hard to see in the full length photo I took).
The weather is still warm enough where I live, and I plan on wearing it with one of my vintage 30s hats. Perhaps a lovely large brimmed saucer hat ;-)


  1. How beautiful is that dress is it for a special occassion?

  2. Thanks! No, not really for a special occasion. It's just a cotton day dress I might wear on the weekends, or even to work. Otherwise to dress it up for a picnic with my vintage enthusiast friends, I'd pair it with the previously mentioned hat ;-)


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