Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bad wig, blue dress....

This shoot was one I did in Seattle, I think around 2006. The blue dress was one I'd made for Halloween, but had kept adding to it. The hat is now part of a burlesque costume of mine ;-) and the wig, had many more uses, but it's no longer with us. It was after this shoot I quickly realized I really didn't like the look of white wigs, and while this one lends an air of 1920s-Hollywood-does-18th-century, it wasn't something I'd be using in the future.
The costume wasn't meant to be at all historically accurate, but it made for a fun photoshoot...


  1. your halloween costumes make my halloween costumes look downright pathetic!!! Whether it's historically accurate or not, or a bad wig or not, it looks pretty fantastic to me!

  2. I agree with Lauren! This has to be one of my favourite costumes ever, seriously! :)


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