Sunday, April 3, 2011

Alonge Wig

I've had a few people ask me where I found the wig I'm wearing a few posts down.
It's the Alonge style by Lacy, in the "discount" version.
Amazingly, the texture of this version is much better for an accurate late 18th century wig, and doesn't look so shiny like most synthetic wigs do.
Here's the link:

Mine is in the Blonde shade, but it comes in many other natural colors.
Not sure if the wig in their photo is the same quality, but it is shown un-brushed.


  1. Oooo, awesome, thank you for sharing the link! Wow, it looks eeeeee in the listing, but what you've done with it is fantastic. Definitely going to order one of these...

  2. @Lauren;
    Ha, yes ;-D The photo they use is pretty horrid. If you can believe it, it's a vast improvement compared to the original version of their site.

    The "higher quality" versions of this wig work well too. It just depends on how you style it, and it helps that the hair is already curled so it fluffs up nicely, regardless of the hair texture/quality.


  3. You may also end up trimming the medium length ringlets, or pinning them up in places, to get the right shape around the face.
    Again; it depends on the look you are going for.


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