Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Neck Ruff: The Austrian Woman...

I'm still working on getting that Madame du Pompadour neck ruff just right. Turns out I didn't have enough ribbon for the project, so instead I came up with a new design: The Austrian Woman


Before she even set foot on French soil, a 15 year old Marie Antoinette earned the name, l'Autrichienne, "The Austrian Woman." The name was always meant as an insult, or at least as extremely hostile. The last seven letters in the word Autrichienne, is the french word for "Bitch".

Inspired by Antoinette's Austrian roots (that one should never be ashamed of), this lovely 18th century style neck ruff
is decorated with a traditional ribbon trim technique found between Austria and Bavaria.
The sheer and satin stripe aqua blue ribbon is ruched onto a solid ribbon base, and set off with a silver metallic braid down the center.
A bow of the same ribbon decorates the front, and a square shaped rhinestone finding is sewn to the center for added sparkle. Ties in back.
One Size, hand sewn and one-of-a-kind

Length of ruff: 12 inches
including ribbon ties: 38 inches
Width: approx. 12 inches

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